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29 September 2012

William Wordsworth as a Poet of Nature and man

Evaluation of William Wordsworth as a poet of nature and man.
William Wordsworth's view about poet's and poetry.

William Wordsworth (1770-1850) is one of the greatest British Romantic poet as well as a poet of Nature. He is a high-priest of nature and worshipper of Nature. His love of Nature is perhaps truer, more sinciere and more loving than that of any other English poet. He had a complete philosophy of nature. He believed that there is a devine spirit pervading all the objects of nature. This belief finds a complete expression in his nature poem Tinturn Abbey. According to him, Nature removes the depression and agony of human mind.  

William Wordsworth feels that the beauty of nature is not only the pleasure to present but also will give pleasure in future. The poet regards nature as the best mother, best nurse of man and a great moral teacher. William Wordsworth believes that there is a spiritual relation between man and nature. Nature deeply influences human characters. the poet tells his sister Dorothy that nature is always sincere and faithful to her lovers. 

Nature is the source of purest thought. Mysticism is inseperable from his pantheism. According to  Wordsworth spiritual power lives and breaths through all the works of nature. A profound religious feelings pervade all his nature poetry.

The anchor of my purest thought, the nurse,
The guide, the gurdian of my heart, and soul
Of all my moral being.

Unlike the nature poet Robert Frost, Wordsworth believes that poetry is the outcome of personal spiritual or mystical experience. God reflected himself through the nature. He believes that we can achieve happyness by worshiping nature. his love of nature was boundless. For the great love he is considered a greatest poet of nature. To the Nature poet Wordsworth, Nature is a best freind of man who never deciets her lover.



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  4. Wordsworth creates a triangle among man, nature and the Supreme Reality.

    Wordsworth as a poet of nature